About CS 1.6 XTCS Final Release
Name game: CS 1.6 XTCS Final Release 2015
Genre Category: Action / First Person Shooter
Authors: Valve Software in conjunction with XTCS Team
Publishing Group: XTCS Team
Release Date: 04/04/2015
Language: English
Game modes: Network (Internet, Local Area Network) / Single (bots)
Supported operating systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
The game engine: Gold Source [Half-Life 1]

Game description:
New edition called Counter-Strike, XTCS Team gathered in itself all the maximum performance from the original toys. Developers squeezed out of the engine Half-Life 1, almost everything possible to achieve the highest performance level. Now the game is different from the normal version 1.6 not only improved textures and more dynamic sound, but also surpasses the original by modellingu. We can say that the creation of Valve Software, together with XTCS Team worthy of his audience in the face of an avid gamer.

Among all your changes are most worth noting:
– Completely revamped physics project;
– Even more realistic graphics component of the game;
– Changed the main menu;
– Changed the model and texture of the hands;
– Changed player models;
– Perpisan and changed interface;
– Model “Arabs” of version 1.6 was changed to a more decent «l33t» with 1.5;
– Fixed old and included in the new installer realistic sounds;
– Fixed various bugs in the game engine;
– Fixed Error when running a dedicated server;
– And yet a number of many chisennyh corrections, additions. Just download, install and enjoy yourself all the features of the new game.

Download CS 1.6 XTCS Download CS 1.6 XTCS Download CS 1.6 XTCS Download CS 1.6 XTCS

CS 1.6 XTCS Final Release 2015 features:
New Steam Update 2015 Patch
Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client
Exe Version (cstrike)
Compatible with latest sXe Injected anticheat
Includes latest CS 1.6 bots
Languages Interface:English
Changed the model and texture of the hands
Changed player models
Fixed old and are included in the new installer realistic sounds
Tweaked all sorts of bugs in the game engine
Even more realistic graphics part of the game
Anti slowhack tool included
Playable on Internet and LAN
100% clean rip from Steam GCFs (Game cache files)
Added option to launch listen server in LAN mode
Added more Counter-Strike 1.6 maps
Completely revamped physics project
Work Internet bookmarks and Favorites

Download CS 1.6 XTCS and Play

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